Dr, Hima Puli

Beauty is a natures gift, What you have got naturally, can be improvised, modified, and can we can turn it into the best.

Here at Novocosmetics, we & understand your desires, and give our best for the best results & meeting your expectations.

Dr Hima has achieved cosmetology Accreditation from American Academy of Aesthetic medicine, USA. She has been practicing cosmetics for more than half a decade, and has done her specialty in Mesotherapy.

Our advanced and the innovative technology help us in delivering 100% patient satisfaction and the best results. Our highly experienced team of doctors & staff give their best to make the patient more comfortable to make procedures less-stressful and friendlier.

We work according to your requirements. We first listen your requirements & desires carefully, and then propose our line of action. Our work culture is to give you the best results in more comfortable, enjoyable and pleasant environment.

hima puli