Non Surgical Face Lift

3D-Lasersculpt is a unique body contouring treatment using the latest in laser technology to reduce stubborn fat in problem areas.

Helping your clients to achieve a slimmer appearance without surgery or downtime.

Set to take over more traditional methods such as fat freezing, this technology achieves fantastic results in just 25 minutes.

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Non Surgical Face Lift

The treatment uses light-based laser technology to destroy fat cells by heating the area to between 42-47 degrees Celsius without affecting the skin’s surface. This heat is created by laser energy passing through the skin, creating movement within the molecules of exposed tissue. This causes cell damage leading to necrosis (cell death).

Following the treatment, the body’s naturally.
3D lipo- Royal family had this procedure 


Treatment Times and Protocols

During the treatment, a belt will be placed around the chosen treatment area. The applicators on the 3D-Lasersculpt machine are then clipped into the belt to deliver the energy into the client’s area of concern.

An ideal candidate for a 3D-Lasersculpt treatment is patients in the normal to overweight category (with a BMI of 30 or less). This is the perfect treatment for someone who has stubborn fat around the tummy and/or loves handle area that seems particularly resistant to diet and exercise.

This treatment can target a variety of areas including the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs with up to 4 applicators being applied at a time and taking just 25 minutes for full treatment. During the treatment the client may experience a tingling sensation intermittently, followed by slight swelling and erythema which is expected.

Two treatments are recommended at 6 weeks apart for optimal results. The fat cells are permanently destroyed and results will show 6-12 weeks after each treatment.